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Taking Automobile Services to Beyond the Ordinary.

Al Muftah Garage is fully adept and equipped to handle all the mechanical, electronic and electrical issues that your vehicle may face. We move beyond the obvious with services like waterproofing, TeflonĀ® coating services, Tinting and PPF protection, Specialized Polishing and more.

Car Inspection & Diagnostics

At Al-Muftah we undertake full car diagnostics including engine, gearbox, transmission, brakes and emission checks.

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Body Painting & Polishing Services

Al Muftah does a superlative job from scratch removal, paint protection and polishing, to a complete repaint.

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Body Repair & Maintenance

Get auto mechanics and repair of electrical systems, fuel injection, heating / cooling systems.

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Chassis Protection Services

For repair of engine, complete engine rebuilds, repair of unusual car noise, detailing and tuning.

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Tyre Division

We offer Tyre Change, Tyre Rotation, Wheel Balancing and Alignment.

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