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Our Expertise

The Full-service Auto Repair & Maintenance Team

If you are searching for the most definitive luxury car service and maintenance garage in Qatar, head right down to Al Muftah Garage. Here you will discover a unique auto service tailored to the requirements of our region with specialist experts well trained, experienced and equipped to service and repair premium vehicles of a wide range of vehicles including of European, Korean, Japanese and American origin. The whole range of services can start from tyre changing, wheel balancing and alignment, full diagnosis of electronic systems, overhauling of brakes, overhauling of engine, oil and brake fluid changing, gearbox maintenance, exterior and interior detailing and additions of accessories plus a lot more.

From Preventive Maintenance, Regular Checkups to Full Service – Count on Us.
Mechanical Service

@ Qatar

Even the best-engineered vehicle can face a situation where it can develop a snag. It could be due to the weather conditions, the dust and sand from the road, or overheating issues arising from long hours of driving continuously. Al Muftah Garage is equipped to handle the most challenging issues be it mechanical, electrical, engine, or electronic in nature. We get to the crux of the matter and resolve it in the shortest time possible.

General Maintenance

@ Doha

Al Muftah Garage is trusted for its bumper-to-bumper repair and servicing of vehicles. The general maintenance and repair service is offered for all major car brands from across the world. This includes Fuel Injection and Cleaning services. Our services include a whole range of professional and technical areas where continual training and upgrading are required. It is our approach to be up to the trend and details that keep us ahead.

Our Expertise

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Getting Your Vehicles Running Safe and Smooth

Every car requires regular maintenance and care. The sooner the issues are checked and taken care of, the lower will it cost ultimately. This is where the convenience of having a service relationship with Al-Muftah Garage serves you well in Doha, Qatar.

Drawing Best Solutions from Years of Experience

Your car is more than its brand, its physical form, or its price. You and your family have an emotional bond with it. The team of certified mechanics at Al Muftah with skill, expertise and advanced equipment ensures that your baby is in safe and reliable hands.


Most Effective, Quick and Economical Services

Vehicle repair needn’t be all mumbo-jumbo. It has to be explained to you in plain language and you have to know how much exactly each part will cost, how much the repair will involve and how soon your work is done. That, in clear terms, is true transparency.

We Go the Extra Mile for Better Customer Service

True quality of service goes beyond just diagnosing, repairing and maintaining your vehicle. It involves accurate and fair pricing, right estimates, guarantying the parts and qualifying the repairs. It’s evident from the improved performance and efficiency of your car.


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